How to Maintain Gorgeous Bouncing Hair

Hair can cause a lot of stress to women as it is an essential part of their beauty.  Great hair equals great beauty, as is popularly believed. This is why women will spend thousands of dollars at the salon or to buy expensive hair treatments that do not yield the promised results nine out of ten times. However, the best ways to gain and maintain healthy hair are mainly simple, natural ways that you can do at home since hair is an organic organ of your body and, therefore, responds best to natural treatments. Here are a few tips to help you get that gorgeous hair you always dreamed of.

Protein treatment. Your hair needs proteins just as much as your body does. Therefore, proteins such as eggs and mayonnaise will be a great addition to your hair routine. After shampooing, apply about half a cup of either the entire egg or only egg whites to your clean damp hair. Leave the mask on for about twenty to thirty minutes followed by thorough rinsing with cold water. The egg will deeply condition and moisturize your hair. For brittle hair, mainly use the egg white mixture.

Always maintain clean hair. Presence of dandruff will cause your hair to be itchy and fall off as well. Therefore, it is important to wash your hair every few days to be able to maintain clean hair. Also, do not wash your hair every day. Giving it two to three days before re-washing will enable your hair to gain back its body and its natural lustre as well. Start now!

If you want to get strong hair, use an almond oil treatment, especially for dry and damaged hair. Simply heat the almond oil in a bowl for about 40 seconds then distribute it evenly on wet hair. Leave in the treatment for about thirty minutes then remove it by shampooing and cleaning the hair as usual.

Honey treatment will also give you shiny soft hair. Add two to three tablespoons of honey to one cup of your normal conditioner.  Apply this mixture to wet hair and leave it for about thirty minutes. Remove by washing your hair thoroughly. The honey will give your hair a natural shine. For more facts and information about hair at

Finally, keep your hair moisturized. A great way of moisturizing your hair is by using beer treatment. Yes, that's right ladies; beer can be good for your hair. Distribute the beer evenly after pouring a little of it into your hair then massage it well using your fingers for about 20 minutes. Remove the beer smell afterwards by rinsing your hair thoroughly. However, people suffering from a cold or sinus should avoid this treatment.

In conclusion, we can see that you do not have to spend a lot on expensive treatments that do very little for your hair when you can spend extremely little money on homemade treatments such as egg and honey treatment that will give you shiny, healthy and bouncy hair! Get it here!